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"The outside of the nariyal is strong and the water iinside is sweet, similarly, this teaches us that it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, but from inside the inside your heart should be kind, helpful and respect everyone".

Ketulbhai Joshi (Hindu Wedding Priest)

Nariyals feature heavily in the Hindu culture, but in weddings, they are a significant item that carry a lot of meaning. From pre-wedding ceremonies to poojas and trousseau gifts for the bride to be, the groom holding a nariyal and making his entrance with his entourage, to the vidai ceremony and the epic custom of crushing the nariyal under the car wheel.

"In Hinduism, the breaking of the coconut represents
the breaking of the ego".

The Nariyal is a sattvic fruit that is sacred, pure, clean, health-giving, and endowed with properties. In Sanskrit is referred to as Sriphala, 'the Gods fruit'.


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