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Starting from £35

Creating your personalised Nariyal is the most precious and momentous thing to do. Whether it is using fabric to match an outfit or using a Centrepiece or Latkan to accentuate a feature of your special occasion, these bespoke Nariyals will remain a long term memory.


To begin your journey in creating a Bespoke Nariyal, please select the type of fabric, beading, etc. that you prefer, and then I will contact you to obtain the more intricate details such as colours and types to ensure this bespoke Nariyal is perfect for your special occasion.


I understand that choosing materials and components for a Bespoke Nariyal can sometimes be confusing. Therefore, please do not hesitate to ask any questions whatsoever as I will always be happy to help as I want to ensure I can help make your occasion as personalised and special as possible. You can contact me via the "Get in Touch" page.


Please Note, once a Bespoke Nariyal order has been placed, it cannot be cancelled or refunded.

Bespoke Nariyal

  • A personalised gift box for your Nariyal can be purchased to ensure this memory remains a keepsake for the future to ensure your special day is never forgotten. This gift box can be purchased using the product code STBOX

    This box will have the name you choose, to ensure the nariyal becomes the perfect memory to cherish for a lifetime and to allow this to be displayed should you require. 

    Please note, that these boxes do not come as standard when you purchase a nariyal.

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