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Bespoke Orders

Are you looking for something extra special and unique?

To get things started, use the form below giving me as many details as possible about your perfect accessory and the ideal look. It will help me to understand and to learn more about your vision for your Big Day (please bear in mind that due to the detailed work involved an average order might take up to 3 weeks).

Matching your outfit

If you or your groom-to-be is having an outfit made, you can order some extra material to have your Nariyal made from.


You are also able to provide a photo of your outfit and I can discuss the design, colour, and further details.

Not enough time to place a bespoke order? Browse our ready-made range.

1 June 2020 – 16.png
23 June 2.png

Contact Me

Use the form below giving as many details as possible (colour, style etc.) and I will get in touch with you to discuss further. 

Thanks for submitting!

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